Any Of These Chilling Winter Shades Will Give You A Trendy Look

November 30 2022


If you want a stunning trendy winter look, experimenting with some new chic colors could be just the thing that you need to do. There are plenty of wonderful shades trending right now, and you can have one with your next trip to Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio. 

Pretty Toasted Nut

Natural colors and many browns are coming out to play recently, and this is just one of many. A toasty, nutty shade of brown, particularly similar to pecan shades, is just the thing you need to warm up your looks for the winter chill. 

Get Shadowed Roots 

Root shadows are a great, low-maintenance hair color you can go for if you want a multi-toned look and blond coloration. Due to the technique, touch-ups are not nearly as necessary as with other types of hair color so you spend less time and money in the salon, and in exchange get a fascinating appearance to meet the cooler climate with. 

Bright Jaded Emerald

Contrasting with snow in a mystical way, this bright, deep green is the perfect bedazzling tone to set the mood for the season. It is fun, chic and bold, elegant, and ambitious. Emerald colors are going to be sought after big through the winters of 2022, and bleed over into 2023 as well. The striking appearance this color will give is one of class, extravagance, and merriment. 

Coffee Mocha Blend

Everyone who loves a good mocha will be able to appreciate this sweet shade. Coffee mocha brunette offers a rich depth and dimension that you can sport through the rest of the year. This natural color is a great way to change your look without opting for a bolder, extravagant color. 

Ginger Chestnut

When you think of winter, you may get the image of roasting chestnuts by a warm fireplace with glasses of warm cider and gentle snow falling out a nearby window. This is the feeling you can capture with a warm, cozy chestnut. It is a shade of brunette, with ginger tones that you won’t be able to get enough of. 

Rose Garden Pink

Roses may tend to be red, but your hair will surely be a light, dusty, rosy pink instead. Everyone has been loving pink this year, and it is good to see it booming. It is a colorful, playful color great for anyone who wants a less natural tone to their hair. 

Gently Auburn 

Reds are becoming increasingly sought after in hair color this year. Women everywhere are seeking these striking colors, and in particular a soft, sultry auburn shade. It has depth, and a pleasant look, that will ensure you love it for a long time to come. 

Gray Ash Blonde

Grayish ashy blonde is a great way to really take hold of the winter weather and use it to influence your look. Ash blonde is a warmer kind of platinum color, making it appear more dusty and ashy given the blond undertones to the color. The number of blond undertones will be up to you because they can be stronger and more noticeable, or more subtle features of the hair. 

Cocoa Bean

For a deeper, particularly brown coloration you should look no further than a chocolatey cocoa bean brunette. This natural color is catered best towards those with light hair already, however, brunettes that wish for this particular shade can certainly have it done as well. It may be simple, but do not underestimate the beauty of simplicity.

Drizzled Caramel Blondes

If you enjoy the sickly-sweet aroma and flavor of a gorgeous caramel sauce and candy, display your love for the confection with caramel blonde. This honey-amber look is as delectable as it comes, giving you a softer, snuggly blonde hue. Combine this particular color with a bit of extra texture, or have it applied with a multi-dimensional technique and you will be the envy of the town.

Hot Chocolate Hazelnut 

Get a soft, earthy, brown tone this year with a chocolatey hazelnut look to your mane. Utilizing this look could be the best choice for your yearly family photos! Use this hue to make bright blues and amber-brown eyes really pop for a unique and eye-catching appearance. 

Arctic Gray

Get a shade of grey with cool icy undertones this winter to embrace your inner winter queen. Appreciation for grey colors, and even skunk hair stripes, is becoming much more commonplace. It isn’t a color you regret, however, it is best done on those blessed with lighter natural colors. 

With your color-treated hair, you want to ensure that it stays healthy, vibrant, and just as luscious as ever- so you want to ensure it is safe from the heat. Using heat protectant is a very important part of hair styling, so make sure you’re using something high-quality and effective to ensure the safety of your locks. 

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