Embracing the Cozy Vibes: 2023 Fall Makeup Trends

September 7 2023


The crisp autumn air is upon us, which means it's time to swap out those summer-time makeup hues for warm, cozy fall shades. In 2023, we're seeing an exciting array of makeup trends that are perfect for...

Fall in Love with Your Curls: Styling and Maintaining Curly Hair for Autumn

August 31 2023


Curly hair can be a true crown of beauty, and what better season to flaunt your natural curls than fall? With the crisp air and vibrant foliage, autumn offers the perfect backdrop for showcasing your stunning...

Trendy Men's 2023 Haircuts and Colors: Express Your Style with Meraki

August 6 2023


When it comes to expressing personal style, men are no longer confined to traditional haircuts and natural hair colors. The year 2023 brings a wave of exciting trends in men's haircuts and colors, allowing...

Unlock the Secret to Silky, Frizz-Free Hair with Salon Keratin Treatments

July 22 2023


Are you tired of dealing with unruly, frizzy hair? Do you dream of having smooth, silky locks that are easy to manage and style? Look no further than the revolutionary keratin treatments offered here at...

Unlock Your Inner Makeup Artist With Professional Makeup Lessons at Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio

July 10 2023


Are you ready to take your makeup skills to the next level? Look no further than Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio, where our team of talented makeup artists is ready to teach you the tricks of the trade. With...

Learning About Curly Hair Care Before Your First Perm

March 10 2023


When you have lived all your life with straight hair, curly hair can be a great new endeavor to try out. Curls are beautiful and worth getting- but before you try to get them you need to know what is best...

Look At These Great Makeup Looks Trending For Spring 2023

February 28 2023


It's time to step into the 2023 makeup looks for spring! From brows to gems, blush to more- you’ll find that there are plenty of gorgeous makeup trends that are booming this year. Finding the one that...

Gorgeous Trending Hair Colors To Inspire Your Look For Spring 2023

February 15 2023


With spring only a few short weeks away, beauty circles are already buzzing with talk of all of the fresh spring hair colors that have been popping up all over just like the flowers. This spring’s hair...

How To Clean Your Styling Tools And Why You Need To

January 31 2023


Quality styling tools are an investment, and you want them to last as long as possible, but when was the last time you cleaned them aside from pulling some stray hairs from your hairbrush? If you’re...

Try One Of These Out Of This World Hair Color Trends In 2023

January 30 2023


In 2023, you can expect to see a lot of great colors becoming popular this year. In 2023, there will be a boom in spectacular, natural, and unnatural colors. The wide selection offers a wide variety...

Try One Of These Amazing And Quick Hairstyles For Ladies In A Rush

January 15 2023


Quick and easy hairstyles are a great way to be able to have beautiful hair, even when you’re pressed for time. Styling your hair quickly and nicely helps with time management and first impressions....

Consider These Helpful Tips To Choose The Best Stylist

December 30 2022


Whether you are looking to get a new cut or are just starting out your salon journey, choosing a proper stylist when you choose a salon is an important task in getting what you want. So we want to help...

Highlights, Lowlights, Babylights & Balayage- What's The Big Difference Between Them?

December 15 2022


If you are here you are probably interested in highlights, or perhaps lowlights- or simply want to know what babylights are. If that is the case then you are in luck- the difference between these three...

Any Of These Chilling Winter Shades Will Give You A Trendy Look

November 30 2022


If you want a stunning trendy winter look, experimenting with some new chic colors could be just the thing that you need to do. There are plenty of wonderful shades trending right now, and you can have...

Plan A Girl's Day Out With A Fun Sweet Sixteen Makeove

November 15 2022


If your daughter's birthday is coming up, you are probably wondering what you could do to celebrate. Especially when that special sweet sixteen is right around the corner. It is a big day after all, so...

How To Know The Differences Between Ombre Looks and Balayage

October 25 2022


When it comes to ombre VS balayage, the difference can be a little confusing, especially for people who are brand new to having their hair done professionally. Both of these requests can result in an absolutely...

Simple Tips To Keep Your Curls Healthy and Shiny

October 15 2022


With natural curls, it is important to know how to work with them. Keeping them healthy can be a bit different from caring for straight hair, and without a little tender care, you may find that they become...

Choosing Your Dream Bridal Hairstyle For Your Enchanting Fall Wedding

September 30 2022


When you find yourself engaged, you will be scurrying to make plans and create just the perfect day for you and your partner. You want to ensure that each detail, down to the way the napkins are folded,...

Why You Should Get Striking Brazilian Blowouts And Their Benefits

September 15 2022


If you are looking to try something new with your hair or making an attempt to revitalize it and give it a new life, you can try getting a Brazilian blowout! This treatment will leave your hair silky,...

7 Great Fall Hairstyles For Men in 2022

August 25 2022


With Fall around the corner, it is important for everyone to stay up to date on what is in style, including the men. There are so many styles to choose from, but here we have some of the best hairstyles...

Beautiful Makeup Looks For The Autumn Months That Will Blow You Away

August 15 2022


There are a ton of beautiful makeup trends this year to try, and some of them are especially popular with fall right around the corner. And we are sure that you are dying to know what you can do this fall...

How To Care For Your New Custom Extensions

July 31 2022


Caring for extensions, especially when they are customized specifically to meet your needs, is an important part of maintaining your hair. If they are not cared for properly, they can get damaged, shed,...

The Most Beautiful Summer Colors Topping The Charts This Season

July 12 2022


Summer looks are bright and cheery, and with summer here you must be dying to know the latest trends of the season. Well, do not fear, Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio has your back. We are not only going to...

The 5 Most Important Tips You Need To Know When Caring For A New Perm

June 30 2022


If you are considering getting a perm there’s a lot to learn going into it. Curly hair and straight hair behave very differently at times, and you want to be able to care for your new curls right? Giving...

The Best 2022 Hair Trends For Extensions

June 14 2022


Extensions are a fantastic way to spice up your look this season, and if you’re considering getting them you may be wondering what trends are popular with extensions right now, or even what they can...

The Most Gorgeous Highlight Trends Coming To You This Season

May 31 2022


Are you trying to figure out what new look you should go for at your next hair appointment? If you’re open to suggestions, highlights are a fun and trendy look that you’re sure to love every time....

The Top 4 Most Gorgeous Ombre Trends of 2022 For Amazing Hair

May 15 2022


Ombre hairstyles are one look you can always expect to be at least a little popular. They give you a chance to really experiment with colors and give your hair a sense of depth and texture with the fading...

The Best Prom Looks 2022 Has to Offer

April 29 2022


With prom right around the corner, you and your teen must be frantic to make sure that it’s the best night ever. It only happens once or twice for every teen, so make sure to make it a special time for...

What Microblading is and How it can Give You a Confidence Boost

April 15 2022


Have you ever found yourself dissatisfied with the shape of your brows? Or tried to find a discreet way to make your brows appear thick and full? If you’re struggling with any sort of brow troubles,...

The Most Glamorous Makeup Trends Making a Boom this Season

March 31 2022


This year, you may be thinking that it’s time to explore a variety of hot new makeup trends that are hitting the front pages. If you are, you’re absolutely right! Meraki is here to help fill you in...

7 Great and Effective Tips for Preventing and Repairing Damaged Hair

March 15 2022


Have you ever looked at your hair, and wondered how it got so dry and brittle? Or maybe you’ve been battling split ends. No need to fret, your hair’s woes can be solved at Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio....

Perms for Men in 2022

February 28 2022


Perms are the comeback trend of 2022 - for everyone. Perms for men are becoming more popular, and can we blame them? Perms are a diverse hairstyle that opens up room for a completely new look, whether...

The Perm is the Comeback Trend of 2022

February 15 2022


Would you like to change up your style for 2022? If you’re tired of the hair you have or are looking to add some extra bounce to your already-existing curls, then why not consider getting a perm this...

How Often Should You Clean and Replace Your Hairbrush?

January 31 2022


When you’re having a good hair day it boosts your confidence so that you feel like there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. But did you know that a good hairbrush is one of the secrets to lustrous hair?...

Heat Up Your Winter with a Hot New Hair Color

January 15 2022


If you’re already starting to feel the dreariness of our cold Staten Island winter, maybe you need a pick-me-up with amazing new hair color by one of our Meraki color experts. Although you may believe...

Make Your Hair a Priority this New Year

December 30 2021


New Year’s resolutions – we all make them, but few of us actually see them through. That’s because many of us set ourselves up for failure by making unrealistic goals. Instead of committing to working...

Make the Holidays Merry with Stunning Hairstyles & Dazzling Makeup

December 1 2021


If you’re like many of us, you’re ready to get thru this year, celebrate the holidays and move on to a new year. But first, let’s slow down, savor the holidays with friends and family, and enjoy...

How to Help Your Salon Blowout Last Longer

November 15 2021


Now that you’ve gotten your Meraki blowout, you expect it to look as great as it did when you walked out of our salon. Keeping your blowout looking fresh is easy with just a little work on your end....

Experience Amazing Hair with a Meraki Hair Salon Blowout

October 31 2021


How many times have you gotten up to a rushed morning and wished your hair would take care of itself? That you could just get some relief for a few days instead of having to go through the motions of styling...

Pink Hair for Hope at Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio

October 12 2021


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and at Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio, we encourage raising awareness about the impact of breast cancer. Breast cancer can happen to anyone, young and old, and only...

Boost Your Fall Look with Cool Makeup Trends

September 30 2021


Fall has arrived! Crisp sweater weather, boots, layering, flannel, and leather. There’s a lot to love about fall, and it also seems to be the season that inspires change in both women’s hair and makeup...

Low-Maintenance Hair Color Trends for Fall

September 15 2021


If you have commitment issues – that is hair color commitment issues – it can be hard to commit to a new hair color knowing that you’ll have to dedicate time for touch-ups or worrying about grown-out...

Get a New Look with Gorgeous Hair Extensions

September 15 2021


For many of us, when we want a change – we want it now! It’s a woman’s prerogative to want instant results, right? With hair extensions from Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio, you don’t have to wait...

Expert Tips for Protecting Summer Hair Color

July 15 2021


Summer is a great time to experiment with change. Because of that, we see a lot of our clients coming in to change up their hair color in the summer months. There are indeed some great trending hair colors,...

Show Off a New Hairstyle This Summer

June 30 2021


There’s nothing better than getting outdoors with the warm sunshine on your face … and a fresh new haircut to show off! Luckily, there are so many awesome, trending hairstyles this season, there’s...

12 Advantages to Microblading for Perfect Brows

June 16 2021


Ever wonder what it’d be like to have perfect eyebrows? With microblading, you can have perfect eyebrows without the extra time in your daily routine! But wait! There are many more benefits to microblading...

Hot Highlighting Trends for Hot Summer Fun

May 31 2021


Summer is coming up quickly, and with the changing season comes the need for some change. As we look forward to sunshine, heat, vacations, and summer fun, we may also be looking to change our looks. If...

Customized Deep Conditioning Treatments at Meraki

April 30 2021


Last time, we talked about the importance of deep conditioning and some of the in-salon treatments available here at Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio. Today, we’ll talk about those who need more specific...

Get Soft, Smooth Hair with Meraki Deep Conditioning Treatments

April 30 2021


Love soft, smooth hair? We all do, but it can be tough to beat the frizz all by yourself at home. Deep conditioning is a crucial part of your healthy hair care routine, and in-salon treatments are a must...

Get a New Look for Spring with Texturizing at Meraki

March 31 2021


Spring is here, and it’s time for a new look! Your hair says a lot about your personality, so it’s a great place to start on a new style. If you’ve had the same texture forever but dream about either...

5 Trendy Hairstyles for 2021

February 28 2021


Beauty divas know that nothing beats getting a new hairstyle to start off the new year. Whether it’s just shaping your long locks, adding bangs, or snipping those locks off for a short, new hairstyle,...

Hair Color Techniques for Personalized Hair Color

January 31 2021


Are you wanting to start off the new year with a hair color change? With so many choices out there, it could be a hard decision to make. Our expert hair colorists at Meraki Hair and Makeup Studio are all...

Straighten Your Hair with a Japanese Straightening Treatment

January 21 2021


Tired of winter frizz? Looking for a new straight hairstyle to give yourself a sleek modern look? Whether you’re ready to give your hair a change, permanently straighten it, or just want to smoothen...

7 Festive Holiday Hairstyles

December 21 2020


With social distancing, your holiday parties may have had to be put on hold or scaled back a bit. Just because things can’t be the same as they were last year doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fabulous...

Makeup Tips for Your 2020 Holiday Photos

December 14 2020


It’s the holiday season, and whether you’re planning on a video get-together, a socially distanced in-person event, or some formal holiday portraits, you’ll want to look perfect in all this holiday’s...

Give Your Eyes Some Attention this Season

November 19 2020


When the seasons change, it’s normal for us to want some kind of change within ourselves. Sometimes we do it by adding a few new pieces to our wardrobe, or by getting a new hair color or cut, but how...

Permanent Natural Eyebrows with Microblading

November 9 2020


Now that everyone can get back to the salon, it’s time for all those special services we couldn’t do at home – like microblading. If you’ve been unhappy with the shape of your eyebrows, have weak...

Great Lengths Hair Extensions at Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio

October 14 2020


As our leaves change into fall and our weather cools, you may be starting to get that familiar itch telling you that you need a change: a new hair color, a new haircut or style, or perhaps it’s time...

Fall for These Trendy Autumn Hair Colors

September 27 2020


The season is quickly changing into Autumn, and it’s a great time to refresh your hair color for the new season. Fall hair colors tend to pull from those gorgeous shades found all around us in nature....

Get Instant Attention with Xtreme Lash Eyelash Extensions

August 31 2020


If our “new normal” these days is mask-wearing, a great way to enhance your natural beauty and create instant attention is with Xtreme eyelash extensions from Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio. Save time...

Summer Hacks to Protect Color-Treated Hair

August 3 2020


Finding that perfect hair color can be challenging. So, when you finally achieve it you need to make sure it lasts as long as possible! Summertimecan be especially difficult because of all the elements...

Beat the Humidity with a Sleek Brazilian Blowout

July 14 2020


If you have hair that is prone to frizz, the humidity of summer can be a huge problem. Combine that with chlorine from the pool and sun damage, and you have got a recipe for disaster. No matter how many...

Go Green With These St. Patrick Day Makeup Ideas

March 13 2020


Celebrating St. Patrick’s day, means you need to wear a little green to avoid getting pinched, but we know coming up with new ways to work in this color can be a challenge. If you’re tired of trying...

The Best Balayage Hairstyles

March 3 2020


Short, long, or medium. Light or dark. It doesn’t matter what your hair is like, balayage highlights transform it into some genuinely inspired locks. But we get matching the right color and style can...

How to Hide Grow-outs Before a Root Retouching

February 20 2020


Everyone dreads the moment that the first hint of roots starts to show. We know the pain all too well when your roots are on full display, but you just can’t find the time to come in for a touch-up....

Sexy and Easy Date Night Styles

January 31 2020


Make your next date night perfect with an easy and attractive hairstyle! It doesn’t matter if you’re going out to a fancy dinner or doing something a bit more adventurous, but don’t have a ton of...

Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio Takes Top Honors at New York Hair and Beauty Awards

January 24 2020


ByCarol Ann Benanti | benanti@siadvance.com Another Staten Island hair salon was named winner of the inaugural New York Hair and Beauty Awards organized by Creative Oceanic. Congrats to Meraki Hair...

Hot New Trends For Your Hair

January 14 2020


Now that the new year is here, why not shake things up when it comes to your hair? We’ve got some of the latest trends from next level colors to chic styles, so your hair is ready for everything! Oh,...

How to Keep Hair Healthy With Keratin

December 30 2019


Having healthy hair is a must. No matter what you do to your locks, if they are damaged, it’s easy to tell. And during this time of year, hair is extra vulnerable because of the cold, dry winter air....

Deck the Halls With These Holiday Looks

December 19 2019


Festive days are here, and the days are full of holiday parties and fun. We know you want hair and makeup so on point, you’ll shine like a Christmas light. These looks can get you all the way through...

No Time for a Cut? How to Make Hair Last Until Your Next Appointment

November 29 2019


Life gets busy. We get it. And sometimes it can be hard to fit everything in, including a haircut. While a good trim will rid you of split ends and make your hair look fresh and healthy, there are plenty...

Understanding Hair Texture

November 13 2019


You hear about hair texture all the time. It’s clearly important and can have a massive impact on the look and health of your hair. But if you’ve ever wondered exactly why and how adding texture improves...

How to Style a Bob Cut

October 30 2019


Bobs have proved short hair can be just as dynamic and open to a wide range of styles as long hair. It’s this versatility that gives bobbed hair the staying power that has seen it become one of the trendiest...

Halloween Makeup Looks

October 13 2019


It’s October! That means while you break out the pumpkins and stock up on candy it’s also time to pick what you’ll be this year. There are tons of great ones to choose from whether you want something...

Switch Up Your Hairstyle Just in Time for Autumn

September 29 2019


The latest hair trends are here, just in time for you try out a phenomenal new cut. Hair trends come and go, but if you’re ready for a change when it comes to your locks, make sure you’re up-to-date...

Perfect Your Hair Drying

September 15 2019


Drying your hair seems simple enough, but without the right methods and gear, you can end up doing serious damage to your mane. Change up your drying game so that it doesn’t take as long and leaves hair...

Tips for Taking Care of Your Highlighted Hair

August 31 2019


Highlights are an excellent way to build dimension and style in your hair. While highlights can transform any hair, if you’ve recently gotten some, make sure you keep your hair looking it’s best well...

Hair Color Looks For Autumn

August 13 2019


A new season means it might be time to switch up your hair color. Change your hue like the leaves and experience autumn with a fabulous new shade. This season about embracing the colder weather and showing...

Makeup Application From an Expert Artist

July 29 2019


Makeup is the perfect tool to elevate your look. It can enhance your natural features, giving you the look of effortless beauty, or it can completely change your appearance for a polished finished. Any...

Stop Summer Damage in its Tracks

July 11 2019


We are fully into summer and there is a good chance your hair is feeling it the most. The long days of hot weather spent outside can wreak havoc on your locks and destroy healthy hair, but you can protect...

The Benefits of a Blowout

June 30 2019


Looking for a way to make gorgeous hair last longer without losing its volume and shine? Treat your locks to a professional blowout and keep that just visited the salon quality for days. The conditioning...

Find Out About Keratin Treatments

June 15 2019


Keratin is a protein that is your hair, nails, and skin, but can be damaged by chemicals or environmental factors. Since keratin helps make your hair strong and healthy, have a depleting of this protein...

Curling Irons 101

June 5 2019


Gorgeous curls require the right tools. That’s why it’s important to select the best curling iron to deliver the curls you crave. Learn how to get every sized curl with these curling iron basics. ...

Low Maintenance Styles to Keep Up with Your Summer Fun

May 30 2019


The last thing anyone wants is to spend most of the summer sitting in the salon chair. This season the go-to looks are all about an effortless chic that will last all summer long. If you’ve been searching...

Natural Transitions Using Balayage

May 15 2019


We adore the look of ombre, but with balayage, your hair can have the gorgeous tones with a subtler touch. The word balayage comes from French, and it means “to paint” or “to sweep” and what better...

Stop Fighting with Your Flat Iron and Try Japanese Hair Straightening

April 30 2019


A classic trend that always seems to keep popping up is super straight hair. The sleek style is versatile, matching whatever look you’re rocking even if your hair is long or short. But if you weren’t...

The Best Hair Ideas For Festival Season 2019

April 23 2019


With Coachella on the horizon and other music festivals happening throughout the spring and summer, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to wear your hair. Festival hair is all about...

Beautiful, Makeup Free Brows With Microblading

April 15 2019


You’ve seen the thick, wondrous brows everyone seems to be rocking and the full eyebrow trend that’s been happening for a while now doesn’t show any signs of slowing down soon. If you have naturally...

Done With Mascara? Get Lash Extensions

March 25 2019


False eyelashes give you that extra flair, but putting them every day can be a drain on time. If you want that big, bold look each time you get ready, without the hassle, check out the eyelash extension...

Get Ready for Spring with a Stunning New Haircut

March 15 2019


Before you go cutting flowers this spring and basking in the warmer weather, make sure you look stunning doing it with a great haircut for the season. What better time is there to try something new with...

Instantly Manage Appointments and More with Our Free Mobile App

February 27 2019


Take control of your day with our free mobile app at Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio. The app lets you book and manage appointments instantly, with quick confirmations that let you add more information your...

Change up Your Style with a New Texture

February 14 2019


Getting tired of the same hairstyle every day? Often, we work with our hair the way it wants to go, so we end up with the same routine that limits our hairstyle options. One way to change that up is by...

Hair Extensions for an Instant Style

January 30 2019


We’ve talked about hair color lately, and today we’ll talk about another great way to change up your look: hair extensions. Extensions are easy to work with and make styling flexible, allowing you...

Hair Color Trends that Will Get You Noticed in 2019

January 14 2019


Last time, we talked about caring for color-treated hair, inspiring you to try something new – but what are the colors trending for 2019? According to the pros, we’ll be seeing a lot of fun new colors...

Haircare Tips for Your Color-Treated Hair

December 29 2018


You’ve got the perfect color – whether it’s a solid, rich color, a gorgeous highlight blend, or a perfect jewel tone – and now you want the look to last all season long. Thankfully, color-treated...

The Perfect Holiday Gift: Meraki Gift Cards

December 10 2018


It’s the holiday shopping season, and we’ve got the perfect solution for that special someone on your list – a gift card from Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio! It’s the perfect combination of practical...

How-To: Special Occasion Hair

November 28 2018


Looking for a new hair color or hairstyle for a party, wedding or prom? Whatever the occasion, we'll help you shine at every event with great styling options for the most festive looks. Dress up your look...

Highlighting Basics: Balayage versus Ombre

November 28 2018


Lately we’ve heard a lot of talk about balayage and ombre, and both are definitely hot trends in hair color. Many of our clients have been asking questions about the two terms, so today we’ll talk...

4 Reasons to Wear Hair Extensions

November 19 2018


If you've been thinking about enhancing your style, changing your look, or experimenting with color, hair extensions are a great way to acheive that goal. Go from short to long hair, thin to luxurious...

How to Talk to Your Stylist About the Style You Want

November 15 2018


If you’ve been thinking about a change in hairstyle or hair color, there are hundreds of different options. You might have an idea about what you want, but you’re not sure how to explain it to your...

Last-Minute Halloween Hairstyles

October 29 2018


Sometimes October 31st creeps up on you faster than you think. (Boo!) With a little creativity and arobust wardrobe you can always make some last-minute Halloween costume magic happen. Call usbiased, but...

Have Your Halloween Makeup Done by a Professional!

October 28 2018


Halloween is a fun time of year, and part of the excitement is planning the perfect costume for your Halloween party or other event! In many cases, your makeup can make or break the costume, and since...

Own Your Look with Our Free Mobile App!

October 15 2018


At Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio, you can take control of your day with our free, convenient mobile app! You can book appointments, learn about our services, get contact information and more, right at your...

Xtreme Lashes: Gorgeous, Full Lashes without the Mascara Hassle

September 27 2018


If you’re like many women, your lashes are light and, without makeup, they seem to just disappear. The solution for most is mascara, which we painstakingly apply every morning, spend all day trying to...

Microblading for Lush, Natural-Looking Brows

September 14 2018


We all invest a lot of time every day to looking our best. For those of us with thin eyebrows, the painstaking process of filling them in with liner every morning to get just the right shape takes considerable...

Understanding Your Hair Type, Part 2: Curly and Coily

August 27 2018


Ready to learn more about hair types? In our last blog, we discussed straight and wavy hair types. Do you have another type of hair? Do you just want to learn more about all the different types? Keep reading!...

How-To: Create Beautifully Bright Hair for Back-to-School

August 20 2018


It’s time to go back to school. Move to the head of the class with loose waves and healthy, shiny hair color that stays vibrant for up to 9 weeks when using the complete Paul MitchellUltimate Color Repair®...

Understanding Your Hair Type, Part 1 Straight and Wavy

August 10 2018


Do you know your hair type? Not many people do, of course, you probably know the basics like whether your hair is straight or curly. But did you know that there are twelve distinct types of hair? Everyone’s...

Build Volume, Add Dimension, Experiment with Bold New Colors with Custom Extensions

July 27 2018


Ever wish you could wake up one day with significantly longer hair? Guest what -- you can!One of the hottest beauty trends to hit the red carpet, custom extensions are perfect for adding length, fullness,...

Beat The Summer Heat With These Hairstyles

July 13 2018


It’s the mid-summer now, which means beach trips, barbecues -- and heat. It can be difficult to maintain your style with these high temperatures. Luckily, there are hairstyles out there that will help...

Bridal Hair Tips & Tricks

June 27 2018


Are you getting married soon? Although weddings happen year-round, the most popular time to get married is late summer. If you’re a late summer bride-to-be, you’re probably starting to think about...

The Best Way to Take Care of Blonde Hair

June 26 2018


Whether you recently went platinum, golden or honey, it takes some work to get and maintain healthy, vibrant blonde hair. Our experts agree: The Golden Rule when going blonde is to build up to a lighter...

How to Create Beautifully Fierce Hair for Festival Season

June 20 2018


Music festival season is here! Look confident and feel comfortable with this fierce French braid look. Fierce French Braid Prep: Wash withShampoo One®and follow withThe Detangler®. On damp, towel-dried...

Best Tips For The Ultimate DIY Blowout

June 14 2018


Have you ever had a great styling service at a salon, only to struggle recreating the look at home? It happens to everyone. Your stylist is a professional for a reason! They’re educated about tons of...

Balayage or Ombrè, Which Hair Color Technique Should You Try?

May 28 2018


The Balayage and Ombrè are still popular hair color techniques. They continually fill up our Instagram feeds, and for a good reason. They are two techniques that leave you with gorgeous hair that many...

The Lob and Bob: A Perfect New Look for Summer

May 13 2018


When you think about it, summer is the perfect time to experiment with a short cut. The weather is warming up and before you know it the sun will be beating down relentlessly. While your long-haired friends...

Which Hair Brush Should I Use for Styling?

April 24 2018


Every brush has its own benefits, you’ll want to choose the correct one for the style you're trying to create. Here’s a guide to brush types, which you can shop right from our website. ExpressIon...

Hair Care Tips for Men

April 13 2018


Having healthy, manageable hair is important to both men and women. While it seems women spend more time and energy managing their hair, men are just as concerned about looking their best. We’ll share...

Preparing Your Skin for Makeup Application

March 26 2018


Applying your makeup can be complicated, but knowing how to apply it properly can enhance your best features, while hiding your least favorite. For the best results, you should start with a skin care routine....

Step into Spring with a Look That Will Turn Heads

March 11 2018


Spring is just around the corner, as well as warmer weather. Spring dresses will be paired with sandals as well as the perfect hair look. You’ll begin to see beachy waves begin to appear, but if waves...

Have an Itch to get a New Look?

February 22 2018


Do you ever get that feeling? The one where you’re completely, crazy bored with your hair? You feel the need to update your cut, style or maybe even color in some way, but aren’t sure how. Having the...

Custom Hair Extensions to Match Your Lifestyle

February 9 2018


Those dry, cold days of winter are here and our hair and skin are already showing signs of damage. We typically take action to prevent dry skin during the cold months, but many of us never think to treat...

6 Winter Hair Care Tips You Should Definitely Follow

January 30 2018


Winter has already set in! While it is time to thank the stars for putting an end to all the sun damage that your hair was being put through, it is also time to start planning a haircare routine that is...

Enhance Your Brows with Microblading

January 23 2018


You’ve probably realized by now that eyebrow styles have changed over the years, from thin brows to full and thick. And, if you’ve plucked yours to a thin line that seems like it will never grow back,...

How to Choose Your Curling Iron

January 9 2018


Shopping for a curling iron can be overwhelming. There’s a plethora of them on the market, it’s hard to decide which brand is good, and what size barrel to choose from. At Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio,...

Prevent Hair Damage this Winter

December 28 2017


Those dry, cold days of winter are here and our hair and skin are already showing signs of damage. We typically take action to prevent dry skin during the cold months,but many of us never think to treat...

Shampooing 101

December 20 2017


Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems® on Dec 20th 2017 (www.paulmitchell.com/blog) Shampooing our hair is something we do on a regular basis without giving it much thought. But did you know that...

Holiday Hairstyles for All Occasions

December 14 2017


The holiday season is upon us and it’s a joyous season with making memories with family, friends, and co-workers, sharing good food, and enjoy each other’s company. However, it’s also a stressful...

Husband & Wife team finds success with South Shore salon

December 7 2017


By Tracy Porpora (porpora@siadvance.com) Staten Island Advance (12/7/17 - 7:00am): www.silive.com STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- When it came to naming their first business venture, Shane and Jenn Christie Sorrento...

Healthy Hair Starts with a Healthy Scalp

October 18 2017


We know you always want to have the best hair day possible. But in order for that to happen, you’ve got to set yourself up for success! And for that, you need the right products. SCALP CARE Want great...

The Benefits of Lavender

October 18 2017


The ancient Romans used it to perfume their baths, their clothes and their hair. During the Middle Ages, a sprinkle was thought to be enough to keep your loved one faithful. Queen Elizabeth used it to...

Two New Ways to Condition with Tea Tree

October 20 2017


Get hair in mint condition with two new products from Tea Tree: an ultra-rich treatment mask that helps strengthen moisture-starved strands and a lightweight mist that conditions for soft manageability....