Last-Minute Halloween Hairstyles

October 29 2018


Sometimes October 31st creeps up on you faster than you think. (Boo!) With a little creativity and a robust wardrobe you can always make some last-minute Halloween costume magic happen. Call us biased,...

Have Your Halloween Makeup Done by a Professional!

October 28 2018


Halloween is a fun time of year, and part of the excitement is planning the perfect costume for your Halloween party or other event! In many cases, your makeup can make or break the costume, and since...

Own Your Look with Our Free Mobile App!

October 15 2018


At Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio, you can take control of your day with our free, convenient mobile app! You can book appointments, learn about our services, get contact information and more, right at your...

Xtreme Lashes: Gorgeous, Full Lashes without the Mascara Hassle

September 27 2018


If you’re like many women, your lashes are light and, without makeup, they seem to just disappear. The solution for most is mascara, which we painstakingly apply every morning, spend all day trying to...

Microblading for Lush, Natural-Looking Brows

September 14 2018


We all invest a lot of time every day to looking our best. For those of us with thin eyebrows, the painstaking process of filling them in with liner every morning to get just the right shape takes considerable...

Understanding Your Hair Type, Part 2: Curly and Coily

August 27 2018


Ready to learn more about hair types? In our last blog, we discussed straight and wavy hair types. Do you have another type of hair? Do you just want to learn more about all the different types? Keep reading!...

How-To: Create Beautifully Bright Hair for Back-to-School

August 20 2018


It’s time to go back to school. Move to the head of the class with loose waves and healthy, shiny hair color that stays vibrant for up to 9 weeks when using the complete Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color...

Understanding Your Hair Type, Part 1 Straight and Wavy

August 10 2018


Do you know your hair type? Not many people do, of course, you probably know the basics like whether your hair is straight or curly. But did you know that there are twelve distinct types of hair? Everyone’s...

Build Volume, Add Dimension, Experiment with Bold New Colors with Custom Extensions

July 27 2018


Ever wish you could wake up one day with significantly longer hair? Guest what -- you can!  One of the hottest beauty trends to hit the red carpet, custom extensions are perfect for adding length, fullness,...

Beat The Summer Heat With These Hairstyles

July 13 2018


It’s the mid-summer now, which means beach trips, barbecues -- and heat. It can be difficult to maintain your style with these high temperatures. Luckily, there are hairstyles out there that will help...

Bridal Hair Tips & Tricks

June 27 2018


Are you getting married soon? Although weddings happen year-round, the most popular time to get married is late summer. If you’re a late summer bride-to-be, you’re probably starting to think about...

The Best Way to Take Care of Blonde Hair

June 26 2018


Whether you recently went platinum, golden or honey, it takes some work to get and maintain healthy, vibrant blonde hair. Our experts agree: The Golden Rule when going blonde is to build up to a lighter...

How to Create Beautifully Fierce Hair for Festival Season

June 20 2018


Music festival season is here! Look confident and feel comfortable with this fierce French braid look. Fierce French Braid Prep: Wash with Shampoo One® and follow with The Detangler®.  On damp,...

Best Tips For The Ultimate DIY Blowout

June 14 2018


Have you ever had a great styling service at a salon, only to struggle recreating the look at home? It happens to everyone. Your stylist is a professional for a reason! They’re educated about tons of...

Balayage or Ombrè, Which Hair Color Technique Should You Try?

May 28 2018


The Balayage and Ombrè are still popular hair color techniques. They continually fill up our Instagram feeds, and for a good reason. They are two techniques that leave you with gorgeous hair that many...

The Lob and Bob: A Perfect New Look for Summer

May 13 2018


When you think about it, summer is the perfect time to experiment with a short cut. The weather is warming up and before you know it the sun will be beating down relentlessly. While your long-haired friends...

Which Hair Brush Should I Use for Styling?

April 24 2018


Every brush has its own benefits, you’ll want to choose the correct one for the style you're trying to create. Here’s a guide to brush types, which you can shop right from our website. ExpressIon...

Hair Care Tips for Men

April 13 2018


Having healthy, manageable hair is important to both men and women. While it seems women spend more time and energy managing their hair, men are just as concerned about looking their best. We’ll share...

Preparing Your Skin for Makeup Application

March 26 2018


Applying your makeup can be complicated, but knowing how to apply it properly can enhance your best features, while hiding your least favorite. For the best results, you should start with a skin care routine....

Step into Spring with a Look That Will Turn Heads

March 11 2018


Spring is just around the corner, as well as warmer weather. Spring dresses will be paired with sandals as well as the perfect hair look. You’ll begin to see beachy waves begin to appear, but if waves...

Have an Itch to get a New Look?

February 22 2018


Do you ever get that feeling? The one where you’re completely, crazy bored with your hair? You feel the need to update your cut, style or maybe even color in some way, but aren’t sure how. Having the...

Custom Hair Extensions to Match Your Lifestyle

February 9 2018


Those dry, cold days of winter are here and our hair and skin are already showing signs of damage. We typically take action to prevent dry skin during the cold months, but many of us never think to treat...

6 Winter Hair Care Tips You Should Definitely Follow

January 30 2018


Winter has already set in! While it is time to thank the stars for putting an end to all the sun damage that your hair was being put through, it is also time to start planning a haircare routine that is...

Enhance Your Brows with Microblading

January 23 2018


You’ve probably realized by now that eyebrow styles have changed over the years, from thin brows to full and thick. And, if you’ve plucked yours to a thin line that seems like it will never grow back,...

How to Choose Your Curling Iron

January 9 2018


Shopping for a curling iron can be overwhelming. There’s a plethora of them on the market, it’s hard to decide which brand is good, and what size barrel to choose from. At Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio,...

Prevent Hair Damage this Winter

December 28 2017


Those dry, cold days of winter are here and our hair and skin are already showing signs of damage. We typically take action to prevent dry skin during the cold months, but many of us never think to treat...

Shampooing 101

December 20 2017


Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems® on Dec 20th 2017 (www.paulmitchell.com/blog) Shampooing our hair is something we do on a regular basis without giving it much thought. But did you know that...

Holiday Hairstyles for All Occasions

December 14 2017


The holiday season is upon us and it’s a joyous season with making memories with family, friends, and co-workers, sharing good food, and enjoy each other’s company. However, it’s also a stressful...

Husband & Wife team finds success with South Shore salon

December 7 2017


By Tracy Porpora (porpora@siadvance.com) Staten Island Advance (12/7/17 - 7:00am): www.silive.com STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- When it came to naming their first business venture, Shane and Jenn Christie Sorrento...

Healthy Hair Starts with a Healthy Scalp

October 18 2017


We know you always want to have the best hair day possible. But in order for that to happen, you’ve got to set yourself up for success! And for that, you need the right products. SCALP CARE Want great...

The Benefits of Lavender

October 18 2017


The ancient Romans used it to perfume their baths, their clothes and their hair. During the Middle Ages, a sprinkle was thought to be enough to keep your loved one faithful. Queen Elizabeth used it to...

Two New Ways to Condition with Tea Tree

November 30 -0001


Get hair in mint condition with two new products from Tea Tree: an ultra-rich treatment mask that helps strengthen moisture-starved strands and a lightweight mist that conditions for soft manageability....