Hair coloring services



Like an artist uses paint to express artistic expression, Meraki Expert Colorists use hair coloring to enhance and emphasize dimension. Whether you are looking to cover grays or turn heads, color can define lines, soften features, warm skin tones and accentuate a person’s lifestyle and personality.

Color Conditioner / Glaze Demi-permanent color to cover grays or color the entire head $44 - $67 $52 - $75 $63 - $85 $73 - $97
Root Retouch - Single Process A color application to cover just the grow-out, ot "roots" $43 - $51 $49 - $65 $57 - $80 $70 - $92
Single Process with Overlay A single step color process with a transparent, semi-permanent shine service $59 - $78 $65 - $87 $74 - $100 $85 - $119
Virgin Application A single step process. Color is applied to the entire head from roots to end $70 - $115 $80 - $130 $95 - $145 $115 - $165
Double Process A process that refers to anytime two color services are done in one visit.  $100 - $165 $115 - $180 $130 - $195 $145 - $220
Corrective Color  A multi step process that involves a drastic change to existing color.   Consultation Required Consultation Required Consultation Required Consultation Required
All prices represent a range of prices based upon technical skill of the artist and the hairs attributes, including length and density and may be subject to change.
All Meraki color services include a consultation to assess our clients individual needs and desired look, shampoo/conditioning experience with our signature scalp massage.
Above prices do not include a haircut and/or blowout. Additional charges apply for additional color, including low-lites, toner or glaze.

Meraki is proud to offer you luxury hair color lines by Lakme, Paul Mitchell & REDKEN

At Meraki, we only use the best in professional hair color, offering the utmost in coverage, selection and longevity. So whether enhancing your natural hair color, covering gray, or adding subtle or extreme highlights, let our color experts customize a color that will compliment your personal style and hair care needs.



Creativity and experience in permanent hair coloring. Collage offers a technologically advanced range of colors, with endless possibilities of highlights and shades.

  • More homogeneous, uniform color
  • Longer lasting color
  • Full natural color coverage
  • Allows hair to maintain its natural shine

The cream base features a  Soy Protein Complex, which provides shine and maintains the soft and health of the  hair. Soy Protein Complex works to deeply and actively condition the hair as it strengthens the hair fiber, making it look healthier and shinier after coloring.

Guarantees a superior coverage of gray hair on any base color and provides brilliantly balanced shades.

Cools with character; bright, intense browns; rich, warm coppers or subtle, elegant golden colors, a wide range of shades to enhance the beauty of the hair and achieve impressive results.   


Bright, ammonia-free demi-permanent color. Gentle on the hair.

Thanks to its gel-cream base it is easy to apply and optimizes the absorption of the pigments. Its formulation includes JOJOBA OIL the high moisturizing and protecting properties of which guarantee more flexible, smoother, shinier hair.



In permanent haircolor, artificial dyes interact with the hair's natural pigment to create a final haircolor. Therefore, the colorist must consider natural hair color and previously applied artificial haircolor to achieve the final color result. Permanent haircolor dyes are extremely small colorless molecules that penetrate through the cuticle and into the cortex with the aid of an alkaline substance such as ammonia. When these molecules combine with hydrogen peroxide, a chemical reaction occurs –they oxidize and react with other molecules called "couplers" to form complex dye molecules. The newly-formed dye molecules are embedded in the protein structure of the hair fiber, which makes them 'permanent' or more resistant to rinsing out. 


Demi-permanent products may be formulated with oxidative dyes only, or with a combination of oxidative and direct dyes. Demi-permanent colors must be mixed with a low volume hydrogen peroxide to develop. The formulations in these products contain low concentrations of alkali for minimal lift or can be formulated without ammonia for no lift.

If you are hesitant to commit to permanent color on your hair, ask your colorist for a demi-permanent haircolor that delivers color, shine, and condition to hair. Whether you are looking to refresh or tone color, cover gray, enhance shine or achieve the season's hottest red carpet trends.

The Shades EQ family by Redken features no ammonia for minimized cuticle damage and includes Shades EQ Gloss, a gentle equalizing conditioning color featuring wheat amini acids for healthy shine and incredible coloring.


semi-permanent color products are formulated with direct dyes, meaning the color is present and visible without the need to chemically develop it with peroxide. What you see in the bottle or tube is what you can expect to see in the resulting haircolor. Semi-permanent colors can cover gray without lift, but shampoo away in five-ten shampoos. The colors typically use alcohol to bind to the hair, making them potentially drying and difficult to remove or change shades.