Balayage or Ombrè, Which Hair Color Technique Should You Try?

May 28 2018


The Balayage and Ombrè are still popular hair color techniques. They continually fill up our Instagram feeds, and for a good reason. They are two techniques that leave you with gorgeous hair that many admire. There’s a large variety of hair colors you can choose from to create a unique look that suits you. What’s the difference between these looks? Let’s take a closer look. 

If you’d like a more subtle, natural look, the Balayage is the best choice. This gives your hair a look of having natural highlights from the sun. Your hair colorist will sweep highlights through your hair that has been sectioned off, creating depth and dimension. It’s a look that requires less maintenance than the ombrè and reminds us of sun-filled days on the beach with our besties. 

Go bold, with the ombrè! This is a slow transition of hair color from the top of your head to the roots. Your natural hair color remains at the roots, and your hair will gradually lighten to the very ends. While this look can be created with any color, it works best for brunettes. The sombre is the same techniques for those with blonde hair. This style will require more maintenance for the similar, but different, balayage. 

Want something with a twist? Try the Reverse Balayage. It’s the newest trend and a mix of the beloved balayage and ombrè. The roots of your hair are light, while the ends are a darker color, typically browns and greys. If you have darker hair you may need to bleach your hair to create this look. This style does require a lot of upkeep due to the lightened roots and darkened ends but it really does create an amazing look. 

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