Beautiful Makeup Looks For The Autumn Months That Will Blow You Away

August 15 2022


There are a ton of beautiful makeup trends this year to try, and some of them are especially popular with fall right around the corner. And we are sure that you are dying to know what you can do this fall to keep up with the current style. Well, not to worry. We have selected a few of some of the more unique trends being popularized this season for your convenience. 

Baby Blue Smokey Eye

Baby blue eyeshadow and a lovely smokey eye are a hot look you can try out this fall that you are sure to love. It adds a fun dash of color to your look, in a bold, bright shade that will catch attention wherever you may go. You can not go wrong with a gorgeous blue-eye look.

Cut Crease Maroon

A nice, warm shade of maroon is absolutely perfect to compliment the fall look. And a cut crease is a classy way to apply it. Instead of directly on the lid, it goes above the crease of your eye and often swings upward alongside a lovely winged look. 

A Nude Look 

Natural-looking makeup that makes it appear like you are not wearing makeup at all has been becoming much more popular in the past few years, and that has not changed for fall 2022. Using a nude lip or gloss, with a light foundation, light-weight skin tint, and perhaps some eye makeup like mascara, can be enough for some and it is truly a lovely look. This is going by the theory that less is more, offering an opportunity to appreciate your face as it is while still having some fun with your look. You should be able to feel beautiful regardless if you are totally bare-faced or decked out in a full face, after all. 

Graphic Eyes

Graphic eyeliner is a super fun way for you to experiment with your eyeliner look, especially when coupled with a brightly colored shadow. If you want to lean into the fall theme colors like red, orange, brown, and yellow can be the perfect colors to accompany your sharp, unique eyeliner look. Graphic liner lets you have some fun with shapes and angles

Rose Petal Lips 

This particular look will have your lips slightly resembling a flower petal. The inner parts of your lip will hold a darker, bolder color that is blended out into a more pastel shade on the outer edges. This is especially effective with a pink or red lip. 

Raccoon Eyes

Do you struggle with eyeliner? Making each wing even and making them look like sisters can be a big hassle, especially for people new to applying it. If this sounds like something you are all too familiar with, you can lean into it this season. The dark look of big graphic eyeliner has made a boom in the makeup industry lately- and the best part is that you do not even have to abandon the wings we all love so much. This edgy look is great news for everyone’s inner teenager. 

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