Change up Your Style with a New Texture

February 14 2019


Getting tired of the same hairstyle every day? Often, we work with our hair the way it wants to go, so we end up with the same routine that limits our hairstyle options. One way to change that up is by trying a new texture, either straightening out the curls or adding more curl, through texturing. Here’s a rundown of the different ways to get a new hair texture. 

Perms. If you love curls but have been reluctant to get a perm because of its frizzy reputation, now is a great time to give it a try. Today’s perms have new technology that puts your hair’s condition as a top priority. Unlike those frizzy perms of the 80’s and 90’s, today you can add soft, romantic curls or tight, defined twists that look great with many of today’s popular styles.

Keratin treatments. If you’d like to try a straight look, keratin treatments are a great option. These infuse your hair with keratin protein while straightening your locks, leaving it soft, silky, and healthy looking. The keratin binds to each strand, making it stronger and repairing damage. Your hair won’t frizz no matter what the weather is like, and you’ll get that shiny, straight look that’s easy to care for. In fact, you’ll save time every morning on blow drying with keratin treatments, as well as the hassle of dealing with a straight iron.

Brazilian blowout. A Brazilian blowout also uses keratin to strengthen and smooth your hair, but it allows you to leave a bit of wave in your texture. It leaves you with frizz-free, healthy-looking hair with gentle, silky-soft waves that look good with any style.

Japanese straightening. This technique permanently restructures your hair, making it razor straight and smooth. Like other straightening treatments, you’ll save a ton of time every morning because you can put away that straight iron. The process takes a few hours and is an option for women with wavy hair who want that perfectly straight look.

Each option has its own benefits, and your stylists will talk with you about the texture you want and suggest the best option for your hair type. To try a new hair texture for yourself, make your appointment today at Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio. Our professional stylists will help you choose the best texturing service to get the results you want. You can find us at 1281 Arthur Kill Road in Staten Island or call 718.966.6601 to book your appointment. To book and manage appointments on your mobile device, try our free app, available on iTunes or Google Play.