Find Out About Keratin Treatments

June 15 2019


Keratin is a protein that is your hair, nails, and skin, but can be damaged by chemicals or environmental factors. Since keratin helps make your hair strong and healthy, have a depleting of this protein can leave your mane limp and brittle. A professional treatment can rejuvenate your locks and encourage hair elasticity. Get a keratin treatment for yourself and see the gorgeous outcome for yourself. 

The Keratin Treatment Process
Expert stylists bind keratin onto the strands of your hair when you come in for treatment. It fills in porous holes caused by damage along the hairs, smoothing as it goes. The way humidity is blocked from penetrating the hair and build frizz. 

Benefits of Keratin
There are plenty of plus sides when it comes to keratin. It’s a sure fire way to lock in vitality and strength in your hair. After a treatment, you’ll notice a dramatic change in texture as the powerful protein boosts radiance and softness. Those with curly hair can loosen curls and create a straighter look. To get the glossy, frizz-free locks you want, keratin is a good way to go.     

The Risks of Keratin 
Keratin treatment is an intense process that delivers intense results. Some inferior treatments use formaldehyde, a dangerous chemical that can cause harmful side effects. Luckily most keratin treatments use a formula that eliminates formaldehyde and is far less harmful to you and your hair. 

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