Gorgeous Trending Hair Colors To Inspire Your Look For Spring 2023

February 15 2023


With spring only a few short weeks away, beauty circles are already buzzing with talk of all of the fresh spring hair colors that have been popping up all over just like the flowers. This spring’s hair colors are going to be bright, vibrant, and full of life- very fitting for a season that is bursting forth with new life everywhere you look. Here are the hair colors to be considering while planning out your look for spring 2023.

Gemini Hair- This two-toned color is currently dominating every social feed. Gemini hair is great for those that just can’t decide between their two favorite colors. Just compromise and split it right down the middle with one color on the right and another color on the left. There are two different versions of Gemini hair - one uses contrasting colors on either side and the other uses complementary tones. Whichever color combo you choose, this striking hair color trend is sure to make you the center of attention.

Champagne Blonde- This is a color that promises to be among the top requested fair-haired shades this spring. It is a light golden blonde with just a slight tinge of rose. Ask for highlights and lowlights along with smudged roots to give the color tons of dimension. 

Chunky Highlights- Retro styles will be super popular this spring, so why not retro-inspired hair colors as well? This early 2000s flashback is getting a modern update with more blending for a softer transition and less stark contrast. Go with a bright, bold color, or choose a winter white for versatility. This will allow you to use temporary hair dye to change your highlight colors on a whim.

Copper Rust- Bright, shiny copper has been a major hair color trend for some time now, but it will be replaced this season by the more grounded and earthy copper rust. The rusty brown undertones of this color make it more compatible with a wider range of skin tones and eye colors.

Tantalizing Tangerine- So you want a red hair color that stops everyone in their tracks? Give this season’s favorite orangey-red a try. The bold tangerine color has soft undertones of gold that keep the shade from being too harsh while maintaining its bold presence.  

Onyx Raven- With the rise in popularity of the goth glam aesthetic in recent months, jet-black hair will be one of the top trends of spring. Its stark contrast to the traditional spring pastels makes this a refreshing color choice. Add even more interest with jewel-toned or crimson red money piece highlights and a gloss treatment for the ultimate shine.

Butterscotch Blondie- Honey blonde is a traditional warm spring shade, but butterscotch is just a little bit warmer and a little bit sweeter, which is very fitting for spring in our opinion. To keep the color low maintenance ask for shadow roots that will blend seamlessly as your hair grows. 

Cool-Toned Brunettes- Traditionally hair colors turn warm in the spring, but that is not the case for brunettes this season. Many dark-haired gals are banishing any hint or red or gold from their manes in favor of cool undertones. Enhance the shine with a color gloss to keep brassiness at bay and to give an unstoppable shine.

Buttery Sun-Kissed Gold- No spring hair color lineup is complete without a sun-kissed golden blonde. It’s time to toss aside the ashen blondes of winter in favor of warmer shades that reflect the sunnier days and warmer weather. Try an ombre look with sandy blonde roots and butter-yellow tips for maximum effect. 

If you are ready to refresh your image with a gorgeous trendy color for spring 2023, allow the expert colorists at Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio to work their magic and create a custom color for you that will leave everyone you meet with hair envy. Call us now at 718.966.6601 to book an appointment- or you can try our Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio mobile app instead, available for free on iTunes or Google Play. We will see you soon at 1281 Arthur Kill Road in Staten Island!