How To Care For Your New Custom Extensions

July 31 2022


Caring for extensions, especially when they are customized specifically to meet your needs, is an important part of maintaining your hair. If they are not cared for properly, they can get damaged, shed, brittle, and broken. So here we want to list a few key tips to make sure that your extensions stay long, luscious, and wonderful. As well as a couple of styling suggestions to make sure that your hair pops in a marvelous new way featuring your new do. 

Wash It Right

When washing your extensions, non-permanent clip-ins do not need to be washed often. These extensions have no access to the natural oils in your hair to keep them from getting dried out, so limiting how much you wash them can increase their lifespan. Permanent extensions will typically last you about six to eight weeks, so due to their permanent nature, they are more likely to be washed often. That being said, you can still limit how often you wash your hair to every so often instead of every day to make sure that you get the full life span out of your extensions- as well as keep your hair healthier. If you are worried about your hair is dirty, you can always use dry shampoo on days when it does not need to be washed, but it still needs a little something as a pick-me-up. 

Braid Before Sleeping

If you go to sleep with extensions in your hair, braiding your hair can significantly reduce the number of tangles that will form while you rest. An abundance of tangles can be a problem for extensions, as excessive tangles mean excessive brushing, and excessive brushing means more stress on the extensions. 

Get Conditioning

Conditioner is vital for extensions- especially clip-ins. Making sure that your extensions stay moisturized manually is the only guaranteed way to ensure that they retain enough moisture to live to their full potential. Using hydrating conditioners without sulfates, parabens, or alcohol in them can also help promote as much hydration as possible. 

Better Brushing 

When you are brushing out your extensions you need to be brushing your hair more often, and with purpose. There is no quick harsh brushing with these when you are in a hurry. With extensions in you want to be as gentle with your brushing as possible. Start from the bottom and carefully work out the tangles and knots that have formed and work your way up. Being gentle prevents unnecessary stress on your extensions and makes sure that they don’t fall out or shed. You may even consider investing in a comb that will be gentler on the hair and more precise than a typical brush. 

Limit The Heat!

Extensions can handle a little heat, but not a lot. It should be especially avoided when you are fresh out of the shower because heated styling on your normal hair is harsh enough. Heated styling tools when used excessively can really work a number on your extensions and you risk them getting brittle, frizzy, and breaking. If you must use heated styling tools, use a heat protectant to keep any and hopefully all potential damages at bay so you can enjoy your new hair for longer. 

Monitor Your Products

When you are new to extensions you may not be aware of how damaging certain products can be. Essentially you want to limit the amount of dehydrating ingredients you use in your hair. Make sure that you are using products that are not going to strip your hair of oil, and that can add moisture back. When you do have to use products with dehydrating ingredients, add moisture back with conditioning products your stylist recommends as being best for your extensions. 

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