How To Know The Differences Between Ombre Looks and Balayage

October 25 2022


When it comes to ombre VS balayage, the difference can be a little confusing, especially for people who are brand new to having their hair done professionally. Both of these requests can result in an absolutely stunning look, but in order to get what you want you to have to know what it is that you are asking for! There are some key differences, and they do not result in the same look. Being equipped with the proper knowledge of what the difference is can be the difference between loving your look, and being disappointed. So we want to make sure you know the difference, to optimize your salon experience. 

What Is Ombre? 

Ombre is a particular style of hair color that creates a color gradient on the hair. Most of the time, this means that the hair will be going from light to dark, in order to create an interestingly beautiful and intricate hair color. This can be one color slowly fading from a lighter version of itself to two contrasting colors fading into each other. This style can look more subtle or bold, but no matter which you can be sure that the look will be stunning. But as you will see, while you can get a lovely transitional color from “ombreing” your hair, it is not quite the same as the look that a balayage can offer. 

What is Balayage? 

Balayage is in and of itself a technique and not an overall style like ombre. The method in which color or dye is applied with this technique is through a sweeping, painting motion that gives your hair a natural look to it. This technique leads to hair being given a lot of dimensions, and you can use this technique to get some stunning sun-kissed highlight looks- so a balayage is not just another way of getting an ombre look! Knowing this, you can be confident that you know what you are asking for when you come into the salon! The balayage look is also significantly less maintenance than a brightly colored ombre, so if you are new to getting your hair colored, this may be the one you want to go with. 

What Are Some Popular Ombre Trends This Season?

If you are looking for suggestions on what colors you can get that are trending, then prepare to make your choice. Ombre bleached ends blend the lighter shade at the ends of your hair into the darker hue on top, creating a striking and unique appearance. You can also go for a subtle brunette ombre, fading two slightly yet noticeably different brunette shades into each other for beautiful autumn color. Chestnut brown fading into a bright blonde shade is also one fall look you could try if an ombre hair color is calling your name. These are just a small selection of the variety of hair colors you could try. 

What Are Some Popular Balayage Trends This Season?

For 2022 there are a lot of wonderful options for getting a balayage. The blonde balayage, brunette balayage, and balayage highlights are just a couple of simple but beautiful suggestions for what is popular this year. Curly highlights with a balayage technique are particularly popular this fall, giving curls a fun amount of definition and emphasizing their bounce!

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