How-To: Special Occasion Hair

November 28 2018


Looking for a new hair color or hairstyle for a party, wedding or prom? Whatever the occasion, we'll help you shine at every event with great styling options for the most festive looks. Dress up your look with our expert advice and product recommendations below.

Color: Winter White

Style: High Ponytail


  1. Wash with Platinum Blonde Shampoo, followed by Platinum Blonde Conditioner to cool brassiness and eliminate warmth.
  2. On damp hair, spray Platinum Blonde Toning Spray all over to detangle.


  1. Blow-dry hair away from face, up to crown with the ExpressIon Turbolight+ Hair Dryer.
  2. Once dry, brush hair up to top of head and secure into a high ponytail.
  3. Add three hair elastics (1/4" apart) to help ponytail stand up.
  4. Take a section of hair and wrap it around base of ponytail to conceal elastics.
  5. Apply Hot Off The Press® for thermal protection.
  6. Wrap hair like a ribbon around the ExpressIon Style®+ Styling Iron in different directions to create undone waves.


  1. Spray with Invisiblewear® Undone Texture Hairspray to add texture; brush out waves.