Perfect Your Hair Drying

September 15 2019


Drying your hair seems simple enough, but without the right methods and gear, you can end up doing serious damage to your mane. Change up your drying game so that it doesn’t take as long and leaves hair looking even more beautiful. Discover how the perfect blend of dryer, products, and methods can revolutionize this common practice.

Finding the Right Dryer
One of the most vital parts of hair drying is the dryer itself. Paul Mitchell dryers rely on state of the art technology to quickly eliminate moisture from your locks. Though powerful, the Neuro? Dry and Ion Dry?+ options offer a variety of features and settings while still being gentle on hair. 

Protective Spray
Before you even consider blasting your hair with heat, make sure that you have a reliable protective spray. There are a number of effective brands to choose from, but the Alterna Haircare and Paul Mitchell products work wonders, just to name a few. 

When striving for that perfect dry, everything counts, especially the brush you use. Using the right brush helps speed up the drying time and reduces the amount of damage your hair will take. Round brushes are ideal for drying hair and delivering a smooth and shiny finish.

So you have all the products you need to perfectly dry your hair, now’s the time to put it all together. However, without a proper method, your hair can take longer than need to dry, leaving it exposed to harmful heat as well. Sort your hair into sections to dry layer at a time and don’t rush the process. Instead, allow hair to rest before moving on to the next layer for salon-quality results.

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