Perms for Men in 2022

February 28 2022


Perms are the comeback trend of 2022 - for everyone. Perms for men are becoming more popular, and can we blame them? Perms are a diverse hairstyle that opens up room for a completely new look, whether you simply get beach waves, tight curls, or something in between. Regardless of what you get, you can expect an amazing new style when you come into our salon.

What Are Perms? 

Perms are a permanent (or semi-permanent, depending on the perm you get) hair treatment that takes your hair from straight to curly through chemical treatments. Perms have been around forever, and as old as they are, the way they used to perm hair isn’t always quite the same as more modern techniques. Modern perms tend to be much more gentle on the hair than they were in the past. There are a few different techniques that can be used, so make sure you check with your stylist to ensure they use the method you want. 

What Hairstyles can I have with a Perm?

You have a lot of different hairstyle options when you go to get a perm, even if you want a shorter hairstyle. For example, if you pair a french crop hairstyle with a perm, you can accentuate the length of your hair while keeping your look natural and stylish. 

Or, if you prefer to keep your hair a bit longer, perhaps you could try a curly undercut? For longer hair still, you could always try a permed pompadour. Really there are a lot of styles you can choose from, so if none of these ideas suit your taste, you can always speak with your Meraki stylist!

How to Take Care of a Perm

If you’re new to perms, you may find that taking care of curly hair is a little different from straight hair. Depending on how tight the curls are, you may want to invest in some new combs. Wide-tooth combs or brushes designed for curly hair are best for detangling the knots from it without causing any damage. If you would like to help manage your new hair, you could always try using our anti-frizz conditioner, to help keep your hair moisturized, make that detangling process easier, and ward off any frizz that might come along with getting your hair curled. 

You also want to be careful the first day or two after your perm. Make sure you don’t have any immediate plans for any other chemical treatments (such as dying your hair) before or after your appointment - and you won’t want to wash or style it either. The chemicals need about 48 hours to set the curl in, and washing or styling it before they have that chance could ruin your perm.

Want to try out a perm? Come to Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio to get the hairstyle you want! We are located at 1281 Arthur Kill Road in Staten Island, or you can call us at 718.966.6601 to book an appointment. If you would rather schedule an appointment with us instantly, try our Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio mobile app, which you can get for free on iTunes and  Google Play.