Plan A Girl's Day Out With A Fun Sweet Sixteen Makeove

November 15 2022


If your daughter's birthday is coming up, you are probably wondering what you could do to celebrate. Especially when that special sweet sixteen is right around the corner. It is a big day after all, so why not treat her (and yourself) to a beautiful new makeover before her party? Getting a trendy look to celebrate her big day plus some bonding time with you could be just the answer you’ve been looking for! 

Benefits Of A Makeover

A makeover is something that every girl can love- especially on a day like her sixteenth birthday! This is a fun, unforgettable experience for a young woman. Especially if she doesn’t get treated like this often, or it serves as a bonding activity for her and her mother to do together. Due to the confidence boost and time to relax as well, it qualifies as a good method of self-care. But when she goes to get a makeover, what look should she choose?

Dazzling Gems

Since it is such a special occasion, why not try something a bit extravagant? Facial gems are an expressive and festive way to celebrate the big day as well as blow everyone away when you show up for the party. This could be just the detail you need for your little girl to have the best day ever. 

Lovely Colorful Liner

If she loves color, then perhaps a nice bold, bright eyeliner will be her speed. A firetruck red or neon green brings life and pizazz to a look, and there are a variety of bright bold colors so it can cater to any particular look or eye makeup she chooses. However, this look can work by itself too with how pretty it is. 

A Hydrated, Fresh Dewy Look

She may instead want something more simple and minimal, which is just as good. This is where the dewy skin look comes in as it provides a beautiful, simple, fresh, clean look that brightens up the skin and face.

Glossy Lip look

Glossed lips were incredibly popular back in the early 2000s and you can see them coming back again this year. A simple gloss makes for a shimmery, shiny subtle color that is just perfect for a sweet sixteen. 

Bright Bold Blush

This winter there are a lot of things coming into style, including a bold pinky blush. A nice dusting of a bright hue over the apple of your cheeks is a gorgeous means of expression through makeup to warm up the chill of the winter season. 

Trendy Icy Blue Shadow

This winter look is inspired by the icy chill that runs rampant throughout the cold season. You can get a pastel blue, an iridescent sparkly color, or a deep indigo shade- whatever fits your style best, so long as it is blue! This fun color could be a great way for your new sixteen-year-old to experiment with her look. 

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