Show Off a New Hairstyle This Summer

June 30 2021


There’s nothing better than getting outdoors with the warm sunshine on your face … and a fresh new haircut to show off! Luckily, there are so many awesome, trending hairstyles this season, there’s bound to be one to inspire you to get a new look. From updating your look by adding bangs, to a whole new sassy hairstyle for summer, let our stylists help you find a look that looks good on you. 

Keep it Front and Center
If you have spent months growing out your hair, you understandably may not want to chop it off this summer. Instead, regular trims will keep those split ends at bay and the frizz out of your hair. Why not give yourself a new look by a change in the way you part your hair? A center part and natural hair is a hot look this season, and something as simple as changing the way you part your hair is a great way to change up your look without committing to a lot. If you’re feeling daring, ask your Meraki stylist about adding some long curtain bangs along with the center part for a soft, romantic look.

Bring on the Bangs
Bangs are trending big this season and it’s the perfect way to change your hairstyle without major changes. With so many styles of bang options, your Meraki stylist can work with you to find one that works with your hairstyle, or whichever hairstyle you desire. 

  • Curtain bangs. These bangs seem to be everywhere this season. Whether you decide on a center part, a fringe, or just a layered look, these bangs blend seamlessly down each side. These bangs allow you to style your hair in many ways without the bangs being obtrusive, and they can be cut in long layers to give a soft, romantic look to your style. 
  • Asymmetric angled bangs. Also known as side-swept bangs, these are versatile bangs. The bang starts short on one side and gradually becomes longer as you reach the other side of your face. It fits many hairstyles but when paired with a bob or a lob, it adds extra shape and accentuates the jawline as it blends into the length on the one side. 
  • Blunt cut bangs. These bangs sit right above your eyebrow, forming a well-defined line between your bang and the rest of your hair. These are great for straight, thick hair and bring the focus to the front. 
  • Textured bangs. Also known as wispy bangs, they feature alternating shorter and longer pieces to give you a natural, wispy look. They are a lightweight bang that is less severe than blunt-cut bangs but still demands attention. 

The Modern Shag
The origins of this haircut may be from the 80s in all its hair metal band glory, but the modern shag is anything but outdated. This heavily layered haircut includes choppy ends, layers around the crown of the head, with lots of texture all throughout. It’s perfect for curly or straight hair – and is even a great cut to give the appearance of thickness to thinning hair. This casual, mussy style can be easily air-dried for on-the-go fun or dressed up with hair products. Either way, it’ll definitely turn heads with its effortless look and trendy style. 

Feminine Mullet
This hairstyle is one for those who have confidence and want to make a statement this summer. This style has infinite layers but has a definite difference between the shorter front and the longer back. We’re seeing the short, full, choppy fringe remaining but by leaving the sides shaggier and less dramatic than the men’s mullet of the 80s, it’s a more wearable look. The styling on this updated mullet is low-key too. This haircut is so layered, it styles itself but if you want to have some fun, a texturizer or wax pomade can give those layers even more definition. Love the look but aren’t sure you have the confidence to pull it off? Ask your Meraki stylist to go for a looser shag style. This cut can be personalized to the look you want!

Timeless Pixie
Short hair is still in this summer and the pixie cut never goes out of style. Beat the heat with this short, off the neck cut loaded with layers and sass. Your hairstylist can help you customize this haircut to suit your face shape and personality. From a short pixie (but longer than a buzz cut) to a long pixie that is slightly shorter than a bob, the choices are endless to give you the look you want. Pixies are easy to maintain but do need regular trims to keep the shape and style. 

The Flip Returns
This classic look is back but with 2021 updates. Today’s version is sleeker and a bit flatter than the bounce you saw in the 60s and the definition around the perimeter you saw in the 90s. Today’s flip has lots of movement around the baseline with a thicker, chunkier flip. Besides the thicker ends, we’re seeing this in all lengths, including the bob, and the addition of flipped-out high ponytails and half-up-half-down ‘dos to give it a fresh style for any occasion. 

Whether you want an update to your current hairstyle, slight change, or want to go for a whole new look for summer, your hairstylist at Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio can help you decide on a style that suits you. You can find us at 1281 Arthur Kill Road in Staten Island or call 718.966.6601 to book an appointment. Prefer to instantly schedule an appointment yourself? Try our Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio mobile app, available for a free download on iTunes or Google Play.