Step into Spring with a Look That Will Turn Heads

March 11 2018


Spring is just around the corner, as well as warmer weather. Spring dresses will be paired with sandals as well as the perfect hair look. You’ll begin to see beachy waves begin to appear, but if waves aren’t for you, sleek straight hair will be trending too. You’ll be able to achieve the hair texture that you desire with our popular treatments.

There are several different treatments available to get those beautiful waves or curls that you’ve always wanted. Yes, there are ways to achieve the look temporarily, but if you’re looking for a more permanent solution, you’ll want to get a perm. There are several different perm types available. Each one creates a different look with various curl sizes, waves, and volume.

And, then there is the Brazilian Blowout. This is a professional smoothing treatment that uses keratin to eliminate frizz and smooth your hair cuticles. It’s primarily used to prevent frizz and allows you to still have waves, curls or straight hair. This treatment infuses a keratin protein into your hair using heat and lasts for 2-4 months.

Wishing for sleek, straight hair? Japanese hair straightening will turn wavy, coarse or curly hair into straight locks. If you’re tired of using your flat iron every day, this treatment may be a good fit for you. This permanent treatment works by breaking down protein bonds in your hair with a chemical. A flat iron is heated to a precise temperature to infuse the treatment into your hair. You’ll be able to save time in the mornings and leave with beautiful locks for all to admire.

Keratin Treatments are used to soften, shine and smooth hair. It also used to reduce or eliminate curls, as well as reduces hair density. You’ll leave with instantly more manageable hair. There are two treatments to choose from depending on your hair, Global and Coppola Keratin. The Global Keratin softens the elastic modules in the hair which causes hair to lose natural curls, as well as soften hair. While the Coppola Keratin replenishes lost keratin to restore strength and elasticity. It improves your hairs appearance.

Together, we can achieve the hair texture you’ve always wanted. Step into spring with a look that will turn heads. Our team of skilled stylists at Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio are committed to providing the best hair service in the industry. You can find us at 1281 Arthur Kill Road in Staten Island or call 718.966.6601. You can also download our app for free on iTunes or Google Play.