Stop Summer Damage in its Tracks

July 11 2019


We are fully into summer and there is a good chance your hair is feeling it the most. The long days of hot weather spent outside can wreak havoc on your locks and destroy healthy hair, but you can protect your strands from the harsh summer conditions. Products are damaged hair’s best friend though there is an endless list to choose from. When summer has got your look down this season give it a helping boost with these tricks and come to our stylists for the ultimate summer hair recovery services.

Hair Masks
The intense heat the marks the latter half of summer scorches hair and leaves it dry. Give your parched mane some relief with a hair mask that goes deep into the strands for some-much needed moisturization. 

Easy Beach Looks Without the Damage
This season everyone’s after those casual waves that make it seem like you’ve spent all your time at the beach. Whether you make out to the sand and surf or not, try some no salt spray and say hello to luxurious waves, beach or not.

Battle Pool Hair with Ease
The pool is public enemy number one for summer hair. The harsh chemicals not only attack healthy hair it can be a disaster for color-treated locks. A purple-colored shampoo will help keep the dreaded “green hair” from happening and protective sprays so hair doesn’t dry out while you swim.

Trim Away Excess and Broken Ends
Sometimes there is no reverse damage when it has sent it, but don’t fret. A quick trim can rid you of split ends and promote hair growth. Give your hair a small break with a hassle-free trim. 

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