Straighten Your Hair with a Japanese Straightening Treatment

January 21 2021


Tired of winter frizz? Looking for a new straight hairstyle to give yourself a sleek modern look? Whether you’re ready to give your hair a change, permanently straighten it, or just want to smoothen out uncontrollable frizzy hair, our Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment may be just what you are looking for. 

What is Japanese Hair Straightening?
It’s a process known as “thermal reconditioning” that permanently straightens the hair. 

It straightens your hair with chemicals that break the protein bonds within the hair that give it its shape. To complement the work of the chemical solution, a special flat iron is used to seal in the straightening properties. A neutralizer locks the style in place. 

Benefits of Japanese Straightening
This permanent hair straightening process has many benefits. Frizzy hair isn’t just a summer problem. Due to dry winter air and indoor heating, it’s just as much a winter problem as it is in the summer. This thermal reconditioning treatment is just what you need to get your hair looking smooth, sleek, and free from frizz. 

Another benefit is that hair that’s been straightened by this process is much quicker to dry and style. Not only will you save time blow drying each day, but you will save time styling your hair since you won’t be struggling with frizz and dryness, or trying to hand-straighten wavy or curly hair with a brush and blow dryer. 

What hair type works best?
Certain hair types definitely benefit more than others with this treatment. It’s a good treatment to use for those with loose curls or wavy hair who are constantly using a flat iron every day to straighten their hair. Hair texture plays a huge role in the success of this treatment, especially for African American women. A consultation is strongly encouraged before scheduling an appointment for Japanese Straightening.

If your hair has been processed in any way, let your Meraki stylist know so that you can discuss if this is a good treatment for you at this time. 

How long is the process?
It is an extensive process, so plan on being in the salon on average for at least three to four hours, longer depending on your hair’s length and thickness. 

Is it permanent?
This treatment lasts up to six months, twice as long as a keratin straightening treatment. Once you get a Japanese Straightening treatment, it isn’t reversible. However, you will get sleek, frizz-free, manageable hair that looks healthy, shiny, and smooth for the entire season and beyond. 

Post care for your Japanese Straightening Treatment
Your new pin-straight hair will take some care right after the treatment. It needs to set for at least three days, so there’s no washing it or pulling it into a ponytail during this time. Your Meraki stylist will recommend the best hair care products to use after your treatment to keep your hair healthy and looking its best. 

For a consultation on how a Japanese Straightening Treatment may be right for you, visit us at Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio. You can find us at 1281 Arthur Kill Road in Staten Island or call 718.966.6601 to book an appointment. Prefer to instantly schedule an appointment yourself? Try our Meraki Hair & Makeup Studio mobile app, available for a free download on iTunes or Google Play.