Switch Up Your Hairstyle Just in Time for Autumn

September 29 2019


The latest hair trends are here, just in time for you try out a phenomenal new cut. Hair trends come and go, but if you’re ready for a change when it comes to your locks, make sure you’re up-to-date with these style ideas. From fresh takes on familiar styles to the latest “it” looks, you will be looking better than ever when you make an appointment with your stylist!

Go for a Lob over a Bob

If you like the appeal of a bob, but would prefer a bit more on the length, then a lob might just be a perfect match for your new haircut. Longer than a tradition bob, a trendy lob cut gives you a blunt, statement-making style, while still letting you put hair up when you need. Because of the extra length, lobs make thick hair more manageable, and won’t let it frizz as easily as shorter styles. 

Cool Curtain Bangs

Fringes have long been refining haircuts, but lately, curtain bangs have truly reigned supreme. Curtain bangs are an easy style to love since they work with all kinds of hair types, lending themselves to a gorgeous look, no matter what your hair is like. Flowing “curtains” of hair, frame your face, but can be tucked behind your ears when you need them out of the way.

Revitalize Tired Curls

Curls are a staple of anyone’s hairstyle repertoire because they have an enduring beauty, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put a twist on typical curls and waves. You can rock beachy waves with long hair, that livens hair with rich texture and these waves work spectacularly with a lengthier shag for a cute look as well. You can also show off some ‘00s nostalgia and crimp hair for one of the trendiest curls at the moment.

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