The Most Glamorous Makeup Trends Making a Boom this Season

March 31 2022


This year, you may be thinking that it’s time to explore a variety of hot new makeup trends that are hitting the front pages. If you are, you’re absolutely right! Meraki is here to help fill you in on all the glamorous new looks and trends you’ll be seeing everywhere.

Neon colors
Bright, bold, eccentric colors in eye makeup are breaking forward this year. You'll see this look on a lot of famous faces too! Flashy shades of teal and magenta in their brightest form are going to be adorned for a festive spring vibe. You could spice things up as well, by adding in a complimentary colorful eyeliner or mascara.

Minimal & Natural
With makeup looks, a lot of the time people don’t want to look like they’re wearing any makeup at all. Ironic as it may be, it’s one of the biggest trends for spring makeup this year. It’s simple and doesn’t require a lot of product. On top of that, when you go for a minimal look, you spend a lot less time under the makeup brush. All you really need for it is some mascara or eyeliner, a foundation, setting powder, and nude lipstick. No wonder it’s so popular right now.

Shiny Glossed Lips
If you thought this look was left behind in 2005, think again. Glossy lips with an iridescent sheen and a beautiful hint of pink are becoming increasingly popular. If you like you can apply this with a soft, muted lipstick that lets the look appear smoother and more uniform. For some extra shine, make sure you're keeping those lips healthy and moisturized by drinking plenty of water and using your scrubs.

Bedazzled Cheeks
You read that right. If you’re bored with typical makeup, you’ll be glad to know that rhinestones are the hottest thing in makeup right now. Bedazzling your cheeks and under your eyes is a dazzling statement to anyone who bears witness to it. You could have a variety of colors from pink, to marigold, or rainbow to silver- all that matters is that they gleam and shine.

Fresh Dewy Skin
Dewy skin has been around for a while and has been popular in east Asian countries like Korea and Japan for the past few years. The dewy skin trend has finally made its way to the western world and is sure to leave you looking clean, vibrant, and flawless and your skin smooth and sweet. Be careful though - the look itself might be minimal, but it can be hard to achieve depending on your skin and climate. You’ll want to work with your stylist to make sure you get the look you want.

Bright Red Kisses
This one's a classic- from being the style for famous stars to small-town waitresses, this look has made its way around the block quite a few times. It’s no surprise, of course. A bright red lip is fierce and enticing. Anyone can pull it off when they walk with the right confidence. Ruby red lips are the look of a tigress, someone who's gentle but ferocious. It’s a timeless and nostalgic look that anyone can love.

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