The Most Gorgeous Highlight Trends Coming To You This Season

May 31 2022


Are you trying to figure out what new look you should go for at your next hair appointment? If you’re open to suggestions, highlights are a fun and trendy look that you’re sure to love every time. Here we have listed for your convenience all the best trends with highlights you’ll find yet. 

Brunette & Platinum 

Dark brown and black hair with streaks of silvery platinum strategically intertwined to give it depth and brightness is the way to go.  It’ll brighten up the look while also bringing attention to your natural shades. 

Black On Red

If you’re thinking about dying your hair a bold shade of red, or even if you yourself have lovely natural red hair, perhaps black highlights will appeal to you. Black streaks gently laced through the bright red shade will give it a unique pop. 

Lilac and Periwinkle

Purple highlights in lilac and violet shades can go great in any shade of hair and are overall popular regardless of if you’re adding them to natural hair or some other fantastic color, but our suggestion is to pair it with a head of a periwinkle. 

Bright Bold Blues 

Blue is a little bit less common but it’s been getting more attention this year. You could pair it with black, brunette, platinum, or teal colors!

Lovely Gray 

Gray is a soft color that will give your hair a subtle hint of extra detail. This color works well with most shades of hair as well, from platinum blond to dark red or black. Gray is easily a universal color anyone can love. 

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