Tips for Taking Care of Your Highlighted Hair

August 31 2019


Highlights are an excellent way to build dimension and style in your hair. While highlights can transform any hair, if you’ve recently gotten some, make sure you keep your hair looking it’s best well after your appointment. Get in touch with your stylist for professional highlights and use the helpful tricks compiled here to maintain and maximize your hairstyle for longer. 

Shower Smarter
Any expert will tell you how important your shower habits are to keeping hair healthy and beautiful. It goes the same for highlights. If you want to make the most out of your color, switch up the way you shower and see for yourself what a difference it makes. Turn down the water to lukewarm to stop heat from quickly fading your highlights and change to products designed especially for color-treated locks. Also, invest in a quality dry shampoo you can count on so you spend less time in the shower and more time with gorgeous highlights

Turn to Treatments and Products
Having an arsenal of products on hand helps combat the fading and dullness in your highlighted hair. Treatments like hair masks allow you to keep hair soft and healthy so that the strands hold the color better. Leave-in conditioners are another great method to ensure your highlights last for longer, while products, such as toners, as essential so the highlights don’t become brassy. 

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