Try One Of These Amazing And Quick Hairstyles For Ladies In A Rush

January 15 2023


Quick and easy hairstyles are a great way to be able to have beautiful hair, even when you’re pressed for time. Styling your hair quickly and nicely helps with time management and first impressions. Whether you’re just looking for something cute, or need a more professional look, there are plenty of speedy hairstyles you can utilize for a great look. 

Milkmaid Braids

The milkmaid braid style is a pretty and simple updo that you can do if you know how to make a basic braid. Though you can use fancier braids like rope braids and fishtails, this style is doable and pretty with just the classic look. First, braid your hair as you would normally with pigtail braids, then wrap the braids around the crown of the head. Pin them, and hide the ends, and you’ve created your milkmaid braids.

Bubble Braids

Bubble braids are a popular form of braid that does not even require you to weave your hair into plaits to create your hairstyle. All you need is detangled hair and a few elastics to make this style shine. First, put an elastic at the start of the braid, then another a couple of inches down. Continue doing so to the end of the hair, spacing them evenly and making sure that in between each one is enough volume to create the “bubble” effect. By the end, you’ll have great-looking hair in under ten minutes. 

Dutch Braid Your Hair

Dutch braids are gorgeous no matter how you utilize them- and you can pair them with other styles or just do them on their own. Dutch braids are very similar to french braids, but they give a more volumized effect to the hair because you’re crossing the strands of hair under each other rather than over top. This creates a looser, fluffier look to the braids you can get with just a minor change in technique. You will love dutch braids!

Short Haircuts

Short haircuts take less time to style and are easier to manage than if you have long hair. Variations of bobs and pixie cuts are particularly in this season, including the classic bob, lob, french bob, bixie, and mixie cuts. Low-management hair is a dream come true for women who find themselves rushing to fix their hair every morning, if only because they take less time to work with. 

Cute Space Bun Look

Space buns can be done in two different ways. You can pull all your hair together into two buns on top of your head, or you can do a half-up, half-down approach. Regardless, they are a cute and simple style that anyone can love, especially given their popularity. You just scoop your hair up into two easy buns, and you’re ready to go! Of course, you can add more to it if you want. For example, if you prefer to use all your hair in space buns, you can include french or dutch braids traveling to the top of the head to meet the buns, or even just secure them with cute ribbons if you prefer to avoid the braids. 

Use Scarves For Decor!

If you really don’t have time for styling, you can cover your head easily with a stylish scarf! Not only does this help make sure that you look stylish, but it also helps protect the hair from harsh elements like cold weather and dry air. This is especially great for curls, so make good use of whatever scarves or bandanas you have on hand by using them as a cute accessory. 

For effortless volume and texture, use our Ecru Dry Texture Spray. It can both revitalize day-old hair, as well as add an extra touch to your current hair.

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