Two New Ways to Condition with Tea Tree

October 20 2017


Get hair in mint condition with two new products from Tea Tree: an ultra-rich treatment mask that helps strengthen moisture-starved strands and a lightweight mist that conditions for soft manageability.

Lavender Mint Deep Conditioning Mineral Hair Mask

Deep conditioning treatments are essential, especially when it comes to color-treated hair. But how often should we intensely moisturize our parched locks without overdoing it?

New Lavender Mint Deep Conditioning Mineral Hair Mask  adds moisture back into hair with minerals from French clay, helping it to become stronger, healthier and shinier. The creamy blend provides instant gratification with immediate results. Post coloring or for smoother blowouts, book an appointment every six weeks for a deep conditioning treatment with your stylist; once a month, continue the benefits at home with the convenient Lavender Mint Deep Conditioning Mineral Hair Mask single-use packets.

Lavender Mint Conditioning Leave-In Spray

If you use heat styling tools, a trusted leave-in conditioner is a vital part of your styling process, but oftentimes a traditional cream formula can add extra weight to both fine and curly textures alike. Instead of leaving the step out altogether, switch out the heavier formula for a spray-on version, which serves as a protective veil against any damage that could be caused by your curling iron’s heat or the sun’s rays.

Lavender Mint Conditioning Leave-In Spray  is an everyday treatment. The mist allows better placement control, and since it isn’t as dense as a cream, you won’t be left with a limp, stringy appearance. The spray does double-duty for thick strands by moonlighting as a detangler, and for curl girls ? when typical leave-in conditioners cause coils to lose their shape ? rest assured that this new sprayable option will keep their definition intact. Added bonus: Lavender Mint Conditioning Leave-In Spray controls frizz!