Understanding Your Hair Type, Part 2: Curly and Coily

August 27 2018


Ready to learn more about hair types? In our last blog, we discussed straight and wavy hair types. Do you have another type of hair? Do you just want to learn more about all the different types? Keep reading! In today’s blog we will discuss curly and coily hair. Knowing more about your hair type can help you choose the best services, styles, products and treatments for the type of hair you have.

Type 3 hair is curly hair. Like other hair types, there are three types of curly hair. Curly hair has clearly defined spirals even when wet. This type of hair tends to be bouncy and voluminous. 3A curls tend to be thick and S-shaped. They are curlier than wavy hair, but the curls are still a bit loose. Type 3B curls tend to be coarse and dense, resembling corkscrews more than spirals. The circumference of the curl is smaller than the previous type. This is the type of hair singer Lorde is known for. Lastly, there is type 3C hair. 3C hair is known as “coily-curly”. The curls are dense and much tighter than the previous types, but not quite coily enough to be type 4. This type is the most voluminous, but also the most prone to shrinkage.

Type 4 is coily hair. Coils are different from curls because they are much tighter and shaped differently. Type 4A features tight, thin, bouncy coils. The coils are S-shaped but with a much smaller circumference than type 3. Type 4B features coils that are more Z-shaped than S-shaped. Coils are tight but not as defined as previous types. Type 4C is the most coily. These coils are not very defined, but are dense and have a lot of volume. This type of hair is delicate and prone to breakage, so it needs special care. Protecting leave-in products are recommended to care for this type of coil.

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