What Microblading is and How it can Give You a Confidence Boost

April 15 2022


Have you ever found yourself dissatisfied with the shape of your brows? Or tried to find a discreet way to make your brows appear thick and full? If you’re struggling with any sort of brow troubles, microblading may be just the procedure you need, regardless of if you’ve lost your eyebrows, have a bald spot, or simply want to define their shape.

What Microblading Is 

Microblading is a semi-permanent beauty treatment that can give your eyebrows a natural, defined look that can last for up to two years, or longer depending on how well you care for them. An esthetician will use a literal microblade to apply color and pigment to your natural brows, and it is designed to be able to mimic and be almost indistinguishable from real hair unless looked at closely. 

Why You Should Consider Microblading

Microblading can be done for anyone and is good for covering up a variety of eyebrow flaws. They look so realistic too, that they can actually be used to replicate full brows of people going through chemotherapy or suffering from conditions like alopecia, which results in hair loss. There are also people who have bald patches or scarred brows, who can use microblading as a tool to fill in those spots without having to use makeup every day. It can even be helpful for people with thin or light-colored brows that want to emphasize them and give them a little extra pop. At the end of the day, no matter what your reason for it is, it is sure to give you a well-deserved boost of confidence!

What You Should Know Before an Appointment 

There are a few things about microblading you should be aware of if you’re considering an appointment with one of our Meraki stylists. It’s important to do your research and make sure you’re well informed before you come in, to avoid unwanted surprises. One of the most important things to be aware of is that the procedure can be painful for some people. Sessions should begin with a numbing agent for the selected area, and some people can have 100% painless experiences. However, we can not guarantee that this will be the case for everybody. Don’t let this scare you though! We take all the measures we possibly can for the sake of your comfort- most people aren’t too bothered by it and the results are worth it. But if you deem it necessary, we can stop at any time you need- just say the word. 

Keep in mind that it does also fade over time as well, as the procedure isn’t completely permanent. One way to reduce fading time is to be sure to go in for the touch-up appointment after the skin has healed over and by applying sunscreen to protect the pigment. You can also have yearly touch-ups done to ensure that your new brows will last for an especially long time. If you at any point decide that you don’t like the results or don’t want them anymore though, there are also options to speed up the fading process, and they can be gone over the course of a couple of months.  

And lastly, make sure that you follow any guidelines that your salon or stylist gives you when making the appointment, and don’t be afraid of voicing any questions or concerns. Your safety and comfort are our number one priority so we will make sure to address each one with care.

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